Descanshop Sofa (Palma de Mallorca)
descanshop_home Directs Descanshop, store specializes in relaxation. For him, the customer is the most important and the reason for any business. Its flagship Descanshop after success in the Balearic Islands, is planning an ambitious expansion plan whose next goal is nothing more nor nothing less than Madrid, the capital of the state. Bertrand Descoube (Bordeaux, France, 1970), we get to talk about this great project called Descanshop business, his sales philosophy, the reasons for its success and its future projects.

Descanshop Sofa
C / C'an Valero, Pol 1 Cp 07011 C'an Valero
Palma de Mca Tel 971100471 Fax 971254347
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